My old drier broke a couple of weeks ago and it was really sad because it was a really amazing drier. It was hard replacing it but I went for this one. I asked my hairdresser for advice and she said the brand doesn't matter but as long as it has a high wattage it would be okay. 

I ended up going for this one because it was one of the ones with the highest wattage, it was the same brand as my mums and she loves her and it came with a little package, rather than just a drier. So you get a little bag (below) which is actually really helpful and sturdy, I keep all my hair appliances in her now. It also came with two brushes, a nossle and a diffuser. The round brush is really nice actually, it is a little thicker barreled than my other round brushes so I'm happy with that. The paddle brush isn't as nice as the other brush, it it quite small and hard. It's alright and I would probably use it for travelling. The nossle is really nice and I haven't used the diffuser.

I am really happy with it on a whole. The drier itself dries my hair really quickly and frizz free. If you are in need of a new drier I would seriously check this one out. It is on offer in Boots at the moment, another reason why I chose this one, it is less than half price, check it out here for £27.49 (down from £64.99) what a bargain. 

Allie x

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