You may or may not know that the other week I got my hair cut in a slightly different style. My hairdresser recommended me to get some rollers for my fringe to give it a bit more volume and bounce. I'm writing this and I'm not really sure where it's going... hahaha do you ever do that? Just keep writing Allie.

Any way, back to the point (if there is one) she actually recommended the fringe rollers (£4.45) from Sally's which I didn't end up buying because I only saw them on the way out after I had already purchased some different rollers. I got quite large rollers, for quite a large amount of volume. I got these pink one, I can't actually find them online but they were similar to these (£3.49), they were just a bit smaller.

So yeah I just pop my fringe up in it and leave it in while I do my make up so about 15-20 minutes, and then I have loads of volume.
If you have any recommendations of videos showing how to use rollers properly, because I am not a pro. Do you use rollers? How do you like them?

Allie x

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