So the other day I had my hair cut quite a bit shorter, I way prefer having short hair it is so much easier to manage. But with a new hair style comes new products so I purchased a few bits. All these products came from Sainsburys, I find shopping for hair care bits like this best done at supermarkets because they almost always have offers on. So be sure to check out your supermarkets when shopping. 

I got a plump it up dry shampoo and blow dry lotion from VO5 and a matte clay as well from VO5. I really like VO5 styling products and they are a reasonable price so I thought they would be the best things to try while I get used to having new hair. I took my inspiration from Lily Melrose's new (ish) short hair and I am so happy with it. If you fancy getting any of these bits click here : Matt Clay £2.50 Plump it up Dry Shampoo £2.00 & Blow Dry Lotion £2.99 (couldn't find the Sainsburys link)

Have you tried any of these products? What would you recommend for short hair?

Allie x

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