I find it really hard to get my eye brows looking hoe they should, the right colour, the right shape..... I find brows difficult in general. Does any one else have this problem? Anyway one of the first products I used was the No7 brow pencil, I used to use (and still do occasionally) the brown/black one when I had black hair but since my hair has grown out and I have been attempting to find a good light pencil. Now I must admit I do like a good dark brow but sometimes I just want something a little more natural. I used this again today and to be honest I don't think I'll use it again.

So to begin with I find the pencil to be a little waxy, which is ok because it means the product will stay on longer but there is a bit of drag when applying. It also comes with the little brush on the end which is really handy when brushing out the product. It's the colour I have the biggest problem with. It just gives quite a ginger look. Which is find if you have ginger/auburn/strawberry blonde hair but I have very naturally light hair. Because of the colour difference I find that it looks like I have drawn in my brows, which I have but I don't want it to look like I have. You can find it here for £6.50.

Personally I do prefer using a powder, but it's all personal taste. It is so hard to find a good brow product especially from the drugstore. Next on my list is the Soap and Glory felt tip product.
Have you tried this before? What do you think? How do you put your brows on?

Allie x

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