Finally I am back writing for this series, I started this ages ago and with revision and all I let it slip. But I am back and I shall be finishing. I thought I would come back with one of the favourite drugstore mascaras, Maybelline The Falsies. This mascara is really lovely.

I love a good thick wand, so this is right up my street. I feel that they are the best for seperating lashes. With this particular mascara, I think it is the formula, with too many layers it can make your lashes go clumpy looking. So my advice would be to make sure that your lashes are definitely dry in between layering up. I have the flared version and it does flare your lashes out and give them so much volume. This mascara also lasts all day on my lashes, it doesn't flake off or melt away.

Overall I love this mascara, however my sister wasn't so keen so I suppose it really does just go down to personal taste.

Have you tried this mascara?

Allie x

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