My favourite nail look is the simple, fresh looking french manicure.But I have always thought that my nails were too short, and that I wouldn't have a steady enough hand to do a good job. Now this isn't the best job but it is the first time I've done it so I am pretty pleased with myself.

To do this you need a white nail polish, a soft small angled brush and nail polish remover. You can probably see what I'm getting at.

Begin by painting your whole nail white.

Let that dry fully and follow up with another coat if neccassary. Now you want to dip the angled brush into the polish remover and just start removing the polish. Carry on until you get the desired shape you want.

I finished mine off with a gorgeous holographic topcoat from L'Oreal. And that's it.

It is so simple, yet so effective. I have had short nails for most of my life and if I ever wanted a french manicure then I would have to get false nails. I also find that it makes my nails look longer that they actually are. This of course would work with long nails, it is also great if you struggle with keeping a steady hand when you do nail art.

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Do you have any tips for short nails?

Allie x

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