If you know me, you may know I am a bit piercing mad. Ok I'm not mad, but I do love a good piercing. I currently have 6 and have plans for (at least) 3 more, and I thought I would share them with you and how I care for them. Which to be honest is pretty simple but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

So the first I got done were my lobes, which heal pretty quickly. They say leave them in for 6 weeks, I would leave them in for longer but after 6 weeks you should be able to take these out, just make sure you always put them back in at night, because crusty stuff (eww) will start to form. To keep these clean I used salt water. You just boil some water and add it too some salt, let the salt dissolve then use a cotton bud to clean the piercing. I just cleaned this as and when I needed to.

My second piercing was my seconds, which are on my lobes again and I did the exact same after care with this.

Then I got my helix done, I went with a couple of friends, and I love this one. With this I cleaned it with salt water again but I would recommend getting a small earring for this because if they are big they will dig into your head when you sleep, and no body needs any less sleep. I know you can get earrings now with a flat back, I haven't yet got any but they seem like an excellent idea. If you are going to get this done I would recommend just never taking this out. It is a very thin part of your ear and can heal up very quickly. If you do need to take it out make sure you always put it back in as soon as possible.

Next is my naval piercing, I know some people don't like these but I don't care. This has been my hardest to heal. It was also my first kind of 'scary' piercing. This was done with a needle, whereas my others were done with a gun. The guy used numbing cream which was soo weird. I could feel the needle in me and it felt like he was really tugging and pulling at my skin but it didn't hurt at all. It did, however, hurt after. This is supposed to take 3 months to heal but I had mine done about 6 months ago and I wouldn't say it was fully healed yet. But I never take mine out so that's not really an issue. My final bit of advice with a naval piercing is to have spares. I managed to break mine after shops had closed, so I had to tape it to my stomach so it wouldn't come out over night.

For my naval piercing I used surgical spirit to care for it, this is pretty harsh so if you have sensitive skin don't use this. At one point I was using this on a regular basis just because it did not want to heal.  Because you move around so much it does take longer to heal. I'm at the point now where it barely hurts but it is still a bit red and puffy.

My most recent is my forward helix. I had been thinking about getting this for a while and I love it. I plan on getting two more (above and below my current one). This one has healed really nicely so far, it is fairly new so I don't have much to say on it but it is ace. Numbing cream was also used with this one but hell, it hurt.

Pain Ratings 
Lobe 1/5
Helix 1/5
Naval 1.5/5
Forward Helix 3/5

Do you have any piercings? Whats your favourite?

Allie x

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