I am quite heavily invested in my brows, since they are very (VERY) pale I am always looking out for products that are going to help my brows appear more prominent. When I usually do my brows I usually run a powder through them and then use a clear mascara to stick them in place. However recently with the Benefits new Gimme Brow I have been wanting to try out more coloured gels. 

This is where the Maybelline Brow Drama steps in. It is a similar product to Gimme Brow however it is a fraction of the cost.

I really like the packaging, to begin with, I think it is quite simple and a nice shape. I have the shade Dark Blond, which to be honest, is not quite dark enough for me but I personally like a dark brow. 

I like that there is a rounded brush, however I do feel it is too large. You can't use the rest of the brush as the round part is too large. It also kind of scratches when you put it on, which might just be me, but who wants that.

Before: Dyed Brows || After: With Brow Drama Only

Overall I do like this product. However I do prefer my old method of powder and clear mascara just because I can get more colour and definition. You can buy it here for £4.99.

Have you tried this? What is your favourite brow product?

Allie x

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