Recently I have been really feeling autumnal, I have been loving all the new ranges in clothes shops, and in general I just love autumn. So I have made a couple of changes in my room and I thought I would share them with you guys. 

I have been loving burning tea lights at the moment, they are so cute and can make your room smell really good. I am currently burning rose tealights, which just add a subtle hint of rose into my room. Another change I have made is to turn on my fairy lights more. I have gorgeous small lantern lights on a string and they just add a warmth to my room as the weather gets colder. And finally I have my Ikea Starlight. I love this, I used to have one when I was little, and I loved it so much I had to get another. 

Now for my #100healthydays section, I completely forgot to put my picture up yesterday because I did my official starting post. Anyway I just tagged these together. Yesterday I walked 12000 steps, which I was dead pleased with as on average I walk about 6000, 4000 below what you're supposed too. And today my aunty and I decided to do the 30 day plank challenge, it's gonna be tough but we can do it. 

Day 1 ^ I walked 5.5 miles     Day 2 ^ My aunty & I have
                                                 decided to do the
                                               30 day plank challenge

I would love to know your interior changes for autumn/winter and whether you'll be doing the 100 healthy days challenge. 
Allie x

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