I take packed lunches into school pretty much everyday, I find that way I can keep on track with what I;m eating and hopefully eat healthily. I thought I would share with you a few healthy lunches I have either tried or want to try soon.

A quick one I sometimes take when I have forgotten and am late (never...) is simply crackers and cream cheese. You can get little cream cheese pots from Philadelphia, these are really handy because they are relatively low in calories and you they are small enough to slip into your bag and eat. I love the ryvita black pepper crackers, there are 27 cals per cracker and are really filling. They go really well with the cream cheese and are a great healthy lunch.

Another healthy lunch which is quite new to me is quinoa with a variety of veg. I just cook about half a cup of quinoa with half a veg stock cube, which adds loads of flavour and chuck in any veg there is lying around. It is a really healthy with a bit of a twist from your average salad.

When I'm looking for a bit more of a filling meal but I still want to be really healthy I like a good bagel with almond/peanut butter. It's not the most healthy dish but if you have a wholemeal bagel and low salt & sugar peanut/almond butter then it's not to bad. I find this to be a little more filling than a salad but still pretty healthy.

Finally I love a good bit of pasta. So a recipe I have had before is a simple pasta and pesto salad, with veg such as sweetcorn, peas and carrot. But to add a bit of something else I would love to try adding quorn chicken, something along those lines (quorn because I'm a vegetarian).

Those are my pretty basic, but healthy pack lunches, I would love to know what you take/recommend!

Allie x

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