I have just popped this face mask on, as it's on I thought I would share with you a few first impressions. First off I love the Montagne Jeunesse face masks, I think they are really nice for a bit of a treat and less than £1, you can't go wrong. I saw this one in store and I thought I would give this a go, as I have never seen this one before.

My immediate impression was the smell. It is the strongest smell, it smells very strongly of honey (duh) and if you don't like that then this may not be for you. It is sickly sweet. It feels so nice and cooling on the skin, really refreshing. It is lovely to have on. 
This is what Boots say: "Busy Bees have collected nectar from the Manuka Bushes of New Zealand creating Manuka Honey - a natural anti-bacterial cleanser. They source pollen & we add the flower power of fragrant Jasmine," So basically this mask should be really cleansing and would be great for if you feel like you need a deep clean. To be honest, like I said before the fragrence of honey is really over powering and I can imagine if your skin is sensitive to strong fragrences you may get a reaction. 
What I like about this is that it is a peel off mask, so no mess. 
So I have just taken it off, and this isn't going to make sense but, my skin feels really nice and clean but there is residue left and I feel the need to go and wash my face... I know that is completely wrong but I can't make sense of it. My skin feels really nice and soft though and I would use this again.

Next I really want to try some of their paper masks, I have heard good things about them. I would love your recommendations of masks, as I am really getting into them at the moment.

Allie x

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