If you've followed me for a bit you will know I have a bit of an obsession with nail care. At the moment I am really happy with my nail care routine (is that a thing?) and I'd like to think I have tried quite a few products so I have a bit of expertise. *disclaimer* in no way am I am actual expert who has any knowledge about nails, I have just tried loads of products, this posts is just what works for me.

I wouldn't usually mention nail polish remover but I am really enjoying this one, it is the Cutex Moisture Guard, I really think this has made a difference to the strength of my nails. I never really noticed before but normal nail polish remover really dries out my nails. Since using this one I will not be going back to a 'normal' one because I think this is a huge help in keeping my nails strong.

So the first thing I do after removing polish is file my nails down. The key to keeping my nails strong to to not keep them too long, because they will just break/bend/peel. So I like to keep mine a good length, not too long, not too short. The files I'm using at the moment are dead cheap from boots. They do the job well and are the best ones I've tried in a while. I am kind of interested in investing in a glass file but at the moment these will do. They are £1.25 (buy here) and have lasted me a really long time.

Anyway the next step in my nail care routine is cuticle cream. My absolute all time favourite ever cuticle product is Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream. This is amazing it softens my cuticles and keeps my nails hydrated and healthy. I have tried other nail oils including OPIs which is £16+ and it's good just not as good as this. And this is £6 in boots (buy here).

Finally I love a good nail strengthener. I have tried so many over the years but the one I am using at the moment is working out really well for me. It is Renewnail Strengthener in Nude. This keeps my nails strong and healthy. The nude colour also makes my nails look really healthy, a bit of a placebo effect I think. I got mine for cheaps at Fragrence Direct however it is no longer on the website the exact one is here for £17 (here) or a cheaper alternative one if here for £4.99 (here)

Allie x

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