Today I thought I would share my current skin care routine with you guys. I am currently really into the Garnier Pure Active Range, I don't know what it is but I really love the formula of the products, I think they work really well with my skin type- oily.

Every morning I exfoliate with the Exfo-Brush, I feel like I can use this every morning as it isn't too harsh but still exfoliates well. I love the product and the formula of the face wash, it is so refreshing and cleans my skin without giving it that tight feeling.

The next step in my skin care routine is to tone, I use the Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint toner, this is really really lovely. It clears my skin and keeps breakouts away. You would be surprised as to how much 'dirt' is still on your skin after you've washed it. So this is just my final cleanse as this removes the dirt that a general wash didn't.

My moisturiser is also from the Garnier Pure Active Range, this is really nice and my all time fav. When I ran out of this a couple of weeks ago I switched to another one I had and my skin was not happy. Since repurchasing this my skin has cleared up.  I would definitely recommend this if you have oily/spot prone skin as it has helped my skin loads.

Now at night I have pretty much the same routine, however I don't exfoliate, I use a face wash. Now, I did make a bit of a mistake when I bought this, it is in fact for men. However it is working fine for me just smells a bit...manly... is that the right word? Anyway this is really nice, again leaves my skin feeling really clean and not tight at all. The rest is exactly the same as the morning routine.

It really is a simple routine, but it works well for me. I love the Garnier range, it works well with my skin and is really affordable. I can't wait to purchase more products from the range.

I would love to know your favourite skin care products and if you have any recommendations.

Allie x

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