30 day ab challenge gray 72

This month I have been taking part in the Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge. I have a pretty weak core and need to gain strength for my ballet. I love Blogilates however I never stick to her calenders as they take up quite a bit of time. However this seemed like a do-able challenge that wouldn't take up too much time. So far I am 9 days in and I have seen an improvement. I don't have a six pack or anything (I wish) but I am finding it so much easier to do all of the exercises, which is pretty good because on day one I could barely do 1 leg lift.
Next month, if I keep up with this one, I will definitely be doing more "monthly challenges". I have found this takes less than ten minutes each night so I have no excuses not to do it. If you have any recommendations of things like this let me know. 

Allie x

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