This is the first product I have tried from Make Up Revolution, and I am definitely going to be picking up a few more things. I am so impressed, and I only paid £1! 

I'll start off with the negativity, just to get it out of the way. I'm not fussed/do not like the colour. Now I know that is a pretty big deal as that is the point of the product, but you can't blame Make Up Revolution. It isn't stocked in my local superdrug, so I just took a guess at which shade I wanted. When it arrived it was more coral than I was expecting. Because I am so pale, I find it hard to wear coral shades and for it not to look orange. But that is my only criticism!

This product has so much pigmentation, you need the smallest amount and you're set. For a pound I wasn't expecting much but honestly I was so impressed. It also isn't too shimmery, which I have found with cheaper blushers. It does have a small amount of shimmer, but it's not noticeable when blended out, which is good as I can not stand when you get a nice blush but you just look like you have rolled your cheeks in glitter. The packaging is pretty simple, but it feels sturdy and is small enough to fit in your bag. 

Anyway look out for a Make Up Revolution haul coming up soon, I have my eye on the blush and contour palettes and a couple of eyeshadow palettes.

Have you tried anything from Make Up Revolution? What would you recommend?

Allie x


  1. I haven't tried anything from Make Up Revolution, but I might try this blush out!

    Great post! :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo

  2. £1! That's so good, love the shade colour too!X

  3. I know, so cheap! Love the shade unfortunately its not for my pale skin, will definitely be trying more xx

  4. You definitely should, let me know which shade you end up getting xx

  5. I have pale skin too so that's a shame! So will I now :-) xx

  6. I really want to try some products from Make Up Revolution but because they're so cheap I didn't know if they'd be any good! Might have to give them a go (: x