I have been suffering from bad (the worst I've ever had it) acne recently and at the moment I am trying everything to try and help get clearer skin. I have tried different routines and I have even been to my GP. But it's not getting any better.  I decided to give this a go before shelling out for expensive cleansers which might not work well with my skin. I have been lusting after a Clarisonic for ages, but they are pretty expensive and I don't have that kind of money to spend on just one thing. I heard about the Rio Sonicleanse a while ago through A Thrifty Mrs, at the time I wasn't fussed on having one but when I decided I need one I turned back to her review. From everything I had heard it sounded like a really good product, just without the price tag. I got mine for £34.99 however he price has not gone up to £59.90, which is still an excellent price and I would definitely pay that bit extra for it. Buy Here.

In the box you get the actual brush, the charging base, a plug for mains and an extra brush head. You have to charge it up initially for 24 hours then after that 8 hours every time the battery runs out. When I first put mine of charge it was difficult to get it to sit in the base correctly, you do have to push it in and make sure the red light is flashing.

So far I have used it twice and I am really enjoying it. You only have to press on your skin very lightly, if your face is hurting you are pressing too hard. My skin already feels loads smoother and I have noticed a huge difference in my blackheads, they have gone down so much. I am looking forward to what it can do in the long term.

I would love to know if any of you guys have tried this and what you think.

Allie x

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  1. Sounds lovely. Can't wait to see how you get on with it after using it a few more times...


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