Recently I moved house, and the new house is in a great place for cycling with two cycle tracks very close by and a canal up the road. I have never been into cycling in all honestly it was just never something that appealed to me. However the other day my mum took us to Halfords and we all got a new bike, to hopefully motivate us to cycle more. I ended up getting the Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike, and I am so happy with it. I think it is really aesthetically pleasing and it rides really nicely. 
This year I really wanted to get into exercise and have a healthier lifestyle. I initially planned on going running a couple of times a week. However I suffer with shin splints which means essentially I shouldn't run as it could have bad consequences on my shin health (is that a thing, shin health?! What am I talking about....) Anyway what I am getting at is that cycling can be a way of putting in some cardio into my workouts. 

Here are some of the specs from the Halfords website:

Upright, traditional step-through bike with a lightweight alloy frame
Padded and sprung leather-style saddle with matching ergonomic handlebar grips
Built in mudguards, chainguard and luggage rack
7-speed Shimano gearing

I am really happy with my bike and I can't wait to go cycling! If you like to look of this bike you can buy here, it is £279.99 I don't think this is too bad a price, there are some cheaper and there are some more expensive. 

Allie x

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  1. Hiya,

    I am considering getting this bike, but am hearing mixed reviews about whether it is fit for the purpose I am looking for and am wondering if you might be able to help? I live in the country, and am looking for a bike I can nip into town in, but also go on fairly lengthy country bike rides you think the Somerby will cope with the latter, or is it best suited to short journeys in your experience?
    Thanks for your help