Last week I thought I would treat myself to a new gel polish. I love my Sensationail kit however I rarely use it, because I have a limited range of colours. My favourite nail colour at the moment is very light pastel pink, Babydoll Pink was the closest to a light pink in my boots store. I'll begin by saying when I initially put this on I was a little disappointed, it's not the colour I was expecting and I don't really think the colour on the packaging portrays it well. Now I have had it on for a bit longer it has grown on me and the colour is gorgeous, it just wasn't what I was expecting. 
It gives the look of very healthy glossy nails, which is gorgeous and what I love. It is quite sheer, even with the two coats, however it isn't completely transparent. 
Overall I am happy with this buy, however I do wish I had looked up swatches prior to buying. I love my sensationail kit, it is fantastic for people like me who pick at nail polish and have weak nails. I would really recommend it if you struggle with biting your nails. 

Let me know if you have tried the Sensationail kit.

Allie x


  1. I have the Sensationail Kit but I don't use it that often either as I keep getting acrylics and I find it a bit of a faff getting the gel off again! This looks like a lovely colour though :) xx

  2. Yeah they are a faff to get off! But they look so pretty, thank you :) xx