So recently, you may have noticed, there has been a distinct lack of posts on my blog. This is for many reasons, one of which being I am so busy revising for my AS Levels. Another though is that I seem to have fallen out of love with blogging. Whenever I sit down to write a post I just hate what I'm writing and don't feel like putting it up. You may have also noticed a 'brand change', I am no longer yougottabegorgeous, and I am now Allegra Sarah, (my name for anyone wondering). I made this change for a couple of reasons, firstly came up with my old name years ago and I feel like I have somewhat outgrown it. I also no longer just want to focus on beauty. I do still love beauty blogging and I love reading beauty blogs but sometimes I just want to write about something else. So my blog will still be predominantly beauty based however I hope to write more lifestyle posts and just open up to a wider range of topics.

So finally, I hope you don't mind the change and hopefully there will be some new posts out soon. If you want to keep up with my blog follow here on bloglovin.

Allie x

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