This is a pretty new buy to me, but I couldn't wait to review it because I am so impressed. I have previously loved the Archery Brow and Tint pencil, however it runs out quite quickly and £10 every month or so gets expensive. When I saw this in store I thought this could be the answer to my problems, powders, for me, tend to last a bit longer than pencils and because there are two shades in the palette it would, in theory, last even longer.

Any way, to the palette, it consists of two brow powders, one highlighting cream and a clear wax. There is a "blonde" shade and a "brown" shade. I have only used the blonde shade so far and it is quite dark, if you do want blonde brows you don't need to use a lot of the product as it does have a lot of pigment. The swatch of the brown shade is also very highly pigmented. The highlight is a cream, and is actually really lovely, it isn't glittery and it isn't too highly highlighty, that made no sense. It isn't too in your face and gives the natural look of light hitting the brown bone. The wax is also really nice, it makes your brows stay put without drying too hard or making them go crispy, like some can.

It also comes with a single ended angled brush, and a double ended angled brush with a comb. The brushes are very short, and difficult to hold because they are so short however the actual brushes are really nice and the perfect size for doing your brows. In the kit there is also a mirror, which is surprisingly big and a really nice touch.

I would love to know what you guys think of  this kit if you've tried it and any other brow recommendations. You can buy it here for £12.00 (here)

Allie x

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