I tried to start this last September, but I just did not stick to it at all. However tomorrow marks 100 days till my holiday in Cyprus. I also have a little more motivation as I am planning a tattoo on my birthday next year, and I my plan is to get it on my ribs. And at the moment no tattoo would look good on my ribs. So I thought I would set myself the challenge of 100 healthy days, I am going to put up a blog post at least every other day recording my meals and work outs.

Here is my initial plan:
Eat a lot more fruit and veg, try and get 5+ a day
Drink 2 litres of water a day
Get in at least a 1 hour workout a day
Keep up drinking green and herbal teas
Cut down on snacking, especially the unhealthy snacks

I am actually quite excited and am hoping I keep up with it. So wish me luck and hopefully see you tomorrow!

Allie x

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