Suffering with acne can be a pain in the bum. It doesn't look good without foundation, but it doesn't look good with it. A lot of money wasted on failed skin care. And just a constant feeling of not being happy with your skin. Before last year I had never had many problems with my skin, I got a few blemishes but nothing too bad. However last year something happened and my skin was just bursting out with so many spots and not only did I have active acne but my skin will scar so easily as well, so even spots that had been and gone looked like they were still there.
But for my birthday my lovely friend got me the anti-blemish solutions 1 month trail pack. I have honestly never been so impressed with a skin care range and when I ran out of the mini's I went and purchases the full size of the 3 steps and an extra treatment. That must show how much I love it, because it is not cheap. I have been using the range everyday since the start of the year and my skin has shown a massive improvement. It still isn't clear and by no means perfect but I am so much more happier with it and feel confident going out without tons of make up caked on. 

I follow the 3 steps; first is the foam cleanser, then the clarifying lotion (a chemical exfoliater), and the final step is an all over clearing treatment. The foam cleanser is actually really gentle, I use about a pump of this every morning and night then wash it off with a muslin cloth. The clarifying lotion I find to be a bit stronger. If you have any open blemishes it with sting like hell but it really does work well. The all over treatment is probably what I'm least impressed with, I don't particularly feel like it does much however I use it all the same. I do feel like I have to use a moisturiser after the 3 steps as my skin is left feeling tight. I also use the clinical clearing gel on any blemishes, which I have notices works over night at drying up any spots. 

I love the range, I think it is excellent and it works so well with my skin. However I would be wary if you have dry/sensitive skin. This is because it has quite a high alcohol content which will dry out your skin massively and may cause some irritation. I would say the clarifying lotion has the highest alcohol content so if you are fancying the range but are wary of the alcohol then leave this step out. If you do like the look of the range you can buy here, price ranging from £14 to £27.

I would love to know if you have tried this range and what you think, and also any recommendations of products to help acne prone skin.

Allie x

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