So far so good! Last night when I was getting to sleep I was really excited, I just couldn't wait to change my health, for the better. I know it shouldn't take a special day or anything like that to make a change but sometimes we just need that push. This morning I went on a really lovely walk, it is such lovely weather at the moment (touch wood) you've got to make the most of it!

Yes I have unicorns on my socks :)
Breakfast: Cornflakes, glass of pure orange juice
Lunch: Tomato soup, 1 slice of whole-wheat toast
Afternoon snack: Pink Lady apple with peanut butter, rice cake with peanut butter
Dinner: Salad (baby leaves, hard boiled egg, cucumber, spring onion, mushroom), ciabatta
Pud: 2 rice cakes with, yet more, peanut butter
Exercise: 1 hour walk, 40 minute ballet class, 1 hour cycle
Drinks: green honey & lemon tea, slimatee and lots of water

Allie x

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  1. What a great meal plan! I'll definitely be taking tips!

    Emma x

  2. Thanks! A lot of peanut involved hahah xx