Last week I picked up Roots from Lush, I had heard good things about it and am in serious need of hair care. I have been trying to grow my hair since I cut it (think about these things before you go for it!) and I have been using Lee Staffords For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length Treatment on and off for a while and I'm not convinced it has done too much. So I thought  I would give this a go. I have been loving lush recently and so I thought I would go for it. I know that it has ingredients that are good for my hair, nothing too harsh and it isn't tested on animals. 

It is a root treatment (given by the name) and you don't apply it on the ends of your hair, which at first kind of knocked me. I am one of these people who rarely applies conditioner as I get really greasy roots so I was sceptical about applying something to just my roots. Another odd thing about this product is that you apply it to dry hair, which was strange but is actually quite handy as you're not having to jump in and out of the shower. 

So you section your hair and apply to your roots/scalp. I am quite liberal with this and have used it twice, and there is barely a dent made in the amount of product. It has a really refreshing smell, not to overpowering like some things in lush, mainly of sweet mint with undertones of grapefruit. You are supposed to leave it on for 20-25 minutes, and I would recommend this. When I left it on for longer my scalp really started to tingle, nothing bad would happen but it is a bit alarming and the worst comes to mind. It is really easy to wash out, I like to use a gentle shampoo. 

After it has been washed out my hair feels soft and like it has had a deep treatment. It also smells really good. So far I would really recommend this product. Even if it doesn't help my hair grow it is helping keeping my hair strong and healthy. I would love to know if you have tried this, and any other hair care products you have tried from lush. You can buy it here for £10.25.

Allie x

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