Yesterday I passed my Theory Test (yay) so I thought I would share with you my tips to help pass first time. In the UK you have to do a theory test before you can take a practical driving test. The theory can be difficult but if you prepare well you can do it.
My first piece of advice is do little and often, I think this goes the same for any type of exam, but I really think this works. I would say just doing 10 minutes a night will help so much. I would really advise downloading an app, this way if you have a break at work or you're waiting for something you can just quickly do a 10 question test. It is so quick and easy and the app definitely helped me as it meant I could learn it whilst out and about. The apps I used were Driving Test Success apps, for both theory and hazard perception I believe they were about £1.50-£2.00 each. I don't think that is too bad a price and that is one of the main resources I used to help me pass.

I would really advise getting the Hazard Perception 2015 New CGI App, I had used a previous app which gave "real life" videos, if that makes sense. But in the test it was a CGI animation, rather than the true to life videos I had practised with. If you can have a go with an animation just so you can get used to how it is so in the test it isn't a surprise.
I also used the Driving Test Success All Tests 2014/2015 DVD. This was also so helpful. Not only does it help with the theory side but there are videos of the practical side of driving and there is even a video of a mock driving test which is so helpful and almost puts your mind at rest. Anyway there are several sections to the DVD; questions, hazard perception, the highway code, road sign tests... There are so many different aspects so everything will be covered with the DVD and you don't need any other resources. 
When it came to revising for the test I literally just did questions, over and over and over. I didn't do any reading up or make any notes I just did lots of questions. The more you do questions the more you know the answers. After a while you will be able to just do the answers automatically because you have already encountered them before. 

I hope this was helpful, I really recommend both the app and the DVD as they both help so much and compliment each other. I would love to know if you are learning to drive and let me know your tips.

Allie x

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  1. Congratulations on passing! I hope your real test goes just as well :)

    My boyfriend is trying to learn his theory at the moment but he's being a bit useless so I'll pass on all your advice!

    It's been yeeears since I did mine, I'm glad I got it out of the way early :P

    The Everyday Life of Rachel