I turned 17 at the start of the year, and that means (in the UK) that I can start to learn to drive. I was so excited, literally I couldn't wait. But when I finally got behind the wheel I hated it. I couldn't get the car to move, I stalled pretty much every time I took my foot off the clutch and I hated the thought of having to do so many things at once. Here I am 5 months down the line an I think I am getting the hang of it (well starting to). I wanted to start this mini series as a bit of something for myself to look back on as well as hopefully helping out other first time drivers.

If you are a first time driver I want to emphasise the importance of getting an instructor who you like. I was pretty confused about who to go for and I ended up with this guy who had an offer on for £80 for 7 lessons, which I think is a pretty good deal. Anyway so after the first lesson I was a bit underwhelmed. By this point I had learnt to start and stop the car and all the basics with my parents but the instructor went over this, for an hour, although I think I was capable. By the end of the 7 lessons I still hadn't done much. I mean we would start a lesson and he would literally only tell me which way to go, not "today we will do X and next lesson we will do Y" if you catch my drift. I also was having doubts about my instructor. He was incredibly awkward and I personally was not his biggest fan. After the voucher had run out, I thought I may as well stick with him, I was improving and starting with someone new would be a hassle so we organised to go for a lesson at the same time and place the week after. However he never showed, and he didn't get in contact or anything with us, I am so glad I didn't pre pay for any extra lessons. 

This ended up giving me the push I needed to get a new instructor. I asked around and I ended up going for someone else with another offer on, £60 for 5 lessons. A few people I know had this new instructor and all said he was all right, so I was feeling a bit more hopeful. Anyway last night I had my first lesson with him and I can honestly say I am feeling 10 X more confident. I didn't realise how much better a different instructor would make me feel but I did more in one lesson with him than I did in 7 lessons with the other guy.

Anyway the point of this post is if you are learning to drive and you are not too fussed on your instructor then look around at your other options. You will find someone who you click with and they should make you feel safe and confident. 

I would love to know your driving stories, let me know.

Allie x

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