Every year on the first on January most of us make new years resolutions. Now don't get me wrong I think that is all well and good, but why should we have to wait to change something? I am a perfect example of this, waiting till the first of January to re launch my blog. But this did get me thinking, we could achieve so much more if we didn't wait till Monday to start something new. My new years resolution this year is to try and do as much of what I want to do, as possible, and not have to wait for the start of the week, or month, or year to start them. If I want to eat healthy, I should start there and then, if I want to learn a new language there is no point in waiting till the time is right because there will never be a 'right' moment to start these things and they will be constantly put off till tomorrow. I know not all of us think like this, some of us can just seize the moment and go for it. But I have waited so many times to start something I actually really just wanted to start and get on with. And I know so many people are like me, forever waiting and never getting round to it. I challenge both you and myself to just start something new today, and stop waiting for the right time to come around!
Let me know what you are going to start.

Allie x

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