I was really interested in trying this range, I am trying to grow my hair out as well as trying to make it as healthy as possible. I thought these would be perfect, although they are not natural products, they are missing a lot of other stuff in other shampoos which can affect your hair. I went for the volume range, however they do have two other ranges; shine and moisture. 
Firstly I love the shampoo, it is the only shampoo I have tried recently that really makes my hair squeaky clean. I love that, when you are using masks and dry shampoo regularly your hair can easily feel quite clarty and not so nice, but this shampoo leaves my hair feeling fresh every time. It can leave my hair feeling a little dry some times, however when used with the conditioner my hair feels really soft.
Now, I don't use conditioner every wash because my hair is prone to feeling weighed down and oily when I do, however when I do use it this is a really nice one. It is quite light weight, and it doesn't give you that heavy, greasy feeling that other conditioners can give.
The final product in this range is the dry shampoo, I thought I would stray from my trusted Batiste and try something new, I love the other products so much  I thought it would be nice. However I was wrong, I've only used it a couple of times but it is not great. It feels very much like a hair spray when you first spray it and then when you brush it out your hair still looks greasy but it's sticky as well. I don't know if I am using it wrong, let me know if it works for you and if so what do you do?
To end on a positive the whole range smells so good, even the dry shampoo - which I think smells much nicer than Batiste - it is so refreshing.

Allie x

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