I was lusting after this mask for so long, then I saw they had a deal on the website, so I HAD to get it, right? This was quite an expensive purchase, for me, and the price was putting me off but I ended up getting it for around £20 when it should have been £29.99. I have been struggling with bad breakouts pretty much all last year, and this mask seemed to be really good for those suffering with breakouts/acne. I was really interested in the ingredients as they seem to be different from other face masks to see if they had a new, better effect on my skin than other masks I've tried. 
Anyway, on to my thoughts, I actually really like this mask, whether I would pay £30 for it is another matter, but I am using it sparingly to try and make it last longer. The first time I used it I broke out afterwards, but I find that I get that whenever I use any deep cleaning mask, but after that my skin has reacted really well. My skin has been the best it has been in a while and I think that could partially be down to this product. It feels so satisfying peeling this off and your skin is left feeling really clean. 
Overall it isn't a ground breaking product and I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives but whilst I have it I am loving it and I would definitely be interested in trying more products from the range.

I would love to know if you have tried this, and what  your favourite masks are.

Allie x

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