Hello, so if you have been following my blog for a long time you will know my nails used to be horrific, I used to bite them so badly and to be honest I didn't really care all that much about them. Over one summer I managed to break the habit and since then I have been obsessed with my nails, you will never see them without a colour on them and I love taking care of them and keeping them healthy. I thought I would share my routine with you guys, because my nails have gone from quite bendy and weak to really strong and I couldn't be happier. 

So first I'll take off my old polish, at the moment I am just using a cheap nail polish remover from Sainsbury's however I can definitely tell this is drying my nails out so if you have a recommendation for a good quality remover I would love to know. Anyway I'll take it off then file and buff my nails. I keep my nails quite round, and I try not to let them get too long because that's when they start to break. I love these nail files from Boots, they are so effective and cheap, I am also using a nail buffer from Avon, it's nothing special but does the job. 

Every night I am using this Garnier Hand Cream, especially focusing it on my cuticles. My cuticles have been so dry recently and this has been an absolute saviour. When I am doing my nails at this point I will use this Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream, this is another favourite, it is so thick and softens my cuticles so well. I use this alongside the Sensationail Removal Tool as a cuticle pusher/remover, this is metal so is really efficient and has lasted me such a long time. 

Then on to actually painting my nails, I always use a base coat/strengthener, at the minute I am using this one, Ciate Bloom Boost, which I got in my Ciate Advent Calender. I wouldn't recommend this as my nails are so dry at the minute, and this seems to be contributing to that, however my favourite is OPI's Nail Envy, which I would very highly recommend. Then I paint with a colour, Essie Nail polishes are currently my favourite, I get mine from Fragrence Direct, as they are so much cheaper. I just have Essie's Nice is Nice on at the minute which I love. I'm not currently using a topcoat as I haven't found one I like that much, any recommendations will be welcome. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I tend to do this twice a week, however if the nail polish lasts longer or shorter I will adjust. 

Allie x

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