I have really enjoyed all the products I have tried from La Roche-Posay, they seems to work well reducing acne and acne scarring. However I haven't liked this product as much. I have found when previously using other products from the range that they have irritated the skin round my nose, to the point where I am very careful about where I put it, making sure it doesn't go near the skin around my nose. This cleanser says it is for oily sensitive skin and is free from loads of more harmful ingredients, so I thought it would be perfect and that it wouldn't affect my more sensitive areas. However this also really dried out my more sensitive skin, especially round my nose but also near my eyes, so I have unfortunately had to stop using it. 

The product itself is completely clear, it is a foam gel, and foams up nicely. Some gel cleansers I find clog up my muslin cloth and take an age to remove but this one removes really easily. When I did use it my skin felt so soft and clean, and I did notice the amount of blemishes I was getting lessened, so I believe that it does work really well. However I am reluctant to recommend it, as I don't think I have particularly sensitive skin, and it still managed to have an adverse affect around some areas, so if you have very tough skin then this may be for you, however those with more sensitive skin I would give this a miss. 

Let me know if you have used this product and what you think of it.

Allie x

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