I saw a blog post on this brush cleaning trick and it is so simple and has revolutionized the way I clean my brushes so I had to share it. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. I have tried so many things to clean my make up brushes, let's face it it is not a job we enjoy. I have used expensive things such as MAC brush cleanser, and pretty cheap things such a baby shampoo. However I have found this to be the cheapest, easiest and most effective. So, drumroll...

Just using a bar of soap! I use the Simple Pure Soap for Sensitive Skin, I like this because I know it won't be harmful to use my brushes on my skin after I have washed them. Currently in boots for two bars it is £1.35 (here) however I think I picked mine up at Sainsburys for £1 for 2. I have used this technique twice now and it has barely made a dent in the soap so I know they will last me a good few washes. The washing is really easy, I wet my brush then swirl it around on the soap then rinse, and repeat until the water runs clean.

I would love to know any beauty tips or tricks you know!

Allie x

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