Good morning! Today I am going to review Ciate's Bloom Boost. This is a product that claims to illuminate your nails, brightening you natural nail colour and whitening your tips. I recieved this in the Ciate 2015 Advent calender, and I was really pleased. I am all over any type of nail treatment and I have tried my fair share. I was really impressed with Bloom Boost.

I really love this product, it has been a firm favourite over the past few months. It applies really nicely, it is quite thick, however doesn't take too long to dry. It leaves your nail with almost a film over it, making it feel really smooth and healthy. It makes a lovely base coat as it leaves your nails feeling really smooth and when you apply a colour over it that feels equally as smooth and is so lovely to apply.

I don't know if you can tell from the above picture, but it has a slight blue tint when it is in the right light. I presume this is the illuminating property of the treatment. It really nice brighten your nail, leaving a gorgeous shine. I can't say it has whitened the tips of my nails substantially but it has made my nails look so healthy and they feel just as good as they look.

I would definitely recommend this product, if you are looking for a good base coat, or just something to wear on it's own to make your nails look the best they can, You can buy the product here, directly off Ciate for £12.00, or here from Look Fantastic for £10.80 on sale.

Allie x

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