For Christmas this year I received an epilator. I kept really wanting one, then putting myself off, then wanting one again. The idea is great, it is supposed to result in long lasting hair removal, and over time the more you epilate the less your hair grows back. I absolutely hate shaving, I don't know why but it is something I can never be bothered to do, but I want lovely smooth legs. So I could either wax or epilate, and I never feel like I can wax my legs efficiently enough, and I can't justify going to a salon to get them done. So, insert epilation.

I received the Brain Silk-epil 5 5780 Epilator. It does require to be plugged in and is not waterproof, making it one of the more basic epilators. However I heard this was one of the best ones to get for a beginner, some can be more aggressive than others, and this is one of the more gentler ones, it also means it is more affordable. In the box you get the epilator, a cooling glove, 4 attachments and a shaver head. The epilator is really small, so doesn't take up much room, it also comes in a drawstring bag, which means everything can be kept together- which is super handy if you are like me and lose everything. This epilator also has a light which is really handy for seeing fine hairs.

I have heard so many mixed things about epilation, some people swear by it and some people just cannot stand it. Essentially an epilator is just lots of small tweezers, rotating really fast. I have a really low threshold for pain, so I was pretty scared when I first used it however it was bearable. This epilator has two speeds, so I started with the slower one, which is still pretty fast. It really bloody hurt at first, but once you get going you almost become numb to it, like when you first pluck your eyebrows and it hurts but then after a while you can barely feel it. I don't tend to use the cooling glove, mainly because I forget I have it, but I don't really feel the need for it.

I have been epilating for about 3 months now and I love the results it gives. I tend to epilate every other week, because hair grows at different rates I do get growth however the hair is so fine and there isn't a lot of it. I could easily go about 4 weeks without feeling the need to epilate though. If you are thinking about getting an epilator I would definitely recommend it, although it can be painful it is worth the results, you just have to be persistent.
It is currently on offer for £49.99 here from Boots.

Let me know if you epilate and what you think of it.

Allie x 

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