Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, I have been so busy with school work but hopefully there will be more regular posts from now on. Today I wanted to share a new favourite nail polish of mine. You may have seen my Essie Haul the other week, and since I bought it I have been loving it! This colour is so in at the moment, sheer/nudes/your nails but better are definitely the trend and this colour is perfect. The polish is quite sheer, I have two coats on and you can still see the whites of my nails. However it is so glossy, I have no top coat on and you can see the gorgeous shine which all comes from the polish. It also lasted on my nails for about 5 days, which is fab, I do find that Essie nail polishes do tend to last on me for quite a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your favourite shades at the moment.

Allie x

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