Today I am going to show you the Jewels and Riches Collection from Freedom. Last week I shared the swatches and reviews of Freedom Pro Shade & Brighten Collection, you can see that here, and today I am going to share my other Freedom item. When I saw this palette I loved it, it has some gorgeous shimmery colours, along with some soft mattes. It also has a good range of bright colours and neutrals. The palette itself is £8, which is such a good price for 32 shades. The packaging is really sleek, it's not too big and bulky, and the black and white is really classic. The eyeshadows for the most part are really good quality. I can definitely tell the difference between the mattes and shimmers, with the shimmers being much more opaque and slightly easier to apply. Most of the matte shades are generally good, however they are slightly harder to apply and are definitely more sheer, requiring more build up. However for the price, I would definitely recommend this palette, even though the shades can be a bit hit and miss, on the whole they are very good quality for the price and you get such a wide shade range you can't go wrong! So, on to the swatches...

You can buy the palette here for £8
I would love to know your thoughts, and let me know any other Freedom products you recommend.

Allie x

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