I am on the final stretch to my A-Levels at the moment so I thought I would share with you the things I am doing to help me be more productive and really succeed at my revision.

1. Set up a workplace. I have learnt the hard way that it is so important to separate your working space from your resting place. I always used to (and still do, although I try not to) work on my bed. This, however, doesn't separate working from relaxing and it is so much easier to get distracted. I would definitely recommend either setting up a desk in your room or just going to work somewhere else completely.

2. Get revision ready, get all your equipment and revision materials together. I have so much stationary, and notebooks that I really have no excuses for not being productive. I like to make notes on the syllabus to begin my revision, I have these notebooks from Asda, which are really cheap and are perfect for the job. I also love making notes on index cards, and I love post-it notes. Last year when I was doing my AS-Levels my walls were covered in post-it notes. I find sticking notes on your door/mirror can really help because it means you are reading your notes every time you look in the mirror/open the door.

3. Make a timetable. I am rubbish when it comes to timetable, I can never stick to them. So this year I have tried something different. I have printed off a monthly calendar, and then shared up my subjects giving myself 4 topics to do a day. This means if I haven't stuck to at 9 am do maths, 10 am do biology, it doesn't matter because I have set myself a number of things to do throughout the day rather than hour by hour. I hope that makes sense.

4. Download some apps. My phone is the key to procrastination, it is the ultimate distraction. So I have been using my phone to my advantage. I have downloaded a couple of apps to try an keep my revision on track. The first is Clockwork Tomato, this is based on the Pomodoro technique (read more here) I don't really know too much about it but I have been really enjoying using it. It essentially times you for 25 minutes, then your phone will go off giving you a five minute break, then you do another 25 minutes, and so on. It is supposed to enhance productivity and hopefully reduce procrastination. The other app is called HabitBull, this app is supposed to build positive habits/break negative habits, and helps organise your life. Sounds great? I have been loving it. It allows me to set goals and keep track of whether I am keeping them, I would definitely recommend. 

Clockwork Tomato                                                                                      HabitBull

5. Take breaks, I can have days where I will do a solid few hours revision without doing anything else, but then the next day I will do nothing. I think this is because I think I have done so much work the previous day I can excuse the next. The Clockwork Tomato app has been really helpful when it comes to this. To remain productive you must take breaks otherwise you will lose focus and motivation.

I would love to know any revision tips you have.

Allie x

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