Hello! A bit of a different post for me this week, I am going to be telling you guys a bit about how I organised my Interrailing trip and a few tips to get your holiday going.
This summer I am going away for 10 days with two of my friends, I am travelling around Europe and I am so excited. To be completely honest one of the girls going is super organised, so I didn't actually do too much in the way of organising (ha!), however I do have a few websites/tips to share.

First of all I would definitely recommend checking out the Interrail website (here). This website is so helpful, really spells things out and makes the process so easy. The first thing we did was plan where we actually wanted to visit, and then we made a rough plan of how we were going to get from place to place. 
Now you're going to need to actually get a pass there are loads of choices and the prices are not too bad for what you're getting.
Next you want to check the train times to see if it is possible to get from A to B. I would really recommend downloading the Interrail App. It is free and it works without any wifi/internet. It has all the times, so you just need to type in your starting point and destination and it will tell you the timetable of all the trains available.
You also need to reserve your seats on the trains, not all trains need reservations but most of them do. This is quite annoying because these all entail extra costs, this is frustrating because you have already paid for the pass and now you have to pay extra. But it'll be worth it!

Once you have planned your route you will need some accommodation. We used Hostel World (here) and this was so helpful as it has all the hostels available in loads of different countries, so you don't have to have loads of tabs open with different websites for different countries. The website has loads of pictures, reviews and different sleeping options. I would recommend going for hostels over hotels as they are often a fraction of the price and include free wifi and breakfast. 

The next thing is insurance, this is so important so I would definitely recommend getting some, we used Holiday Extras (here) this was the cheapest quote I found for a good package.

Finally you just want to get all your stuff and get going. Next week I will be putting up a post explaining what I'm taking travelling, so make sure to look out for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've ever been interrailing.

Allie x

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