You may have seen my Bluesky Haul the other week (if not read it here) and this was the first shade I tried out. I wanted to give it at some wear time to properly test out how well it lasted.

I used my Sensationail Base and Top Coat with this along with the Sensationail LED Lamp. The brush is quite wide, this gives a really easy application, it can be a little difficult to get used to as it is wider than average brushes, however once you get used to it it is a really well designed brush. The application was a little strange, on some nails I only needed 2 coats however on others I needed three. This could have been because I am not used to the formula so I applied it badly, or that I needed to give the bottle a bit more of a shake before application. It was really easy to build up, however, so I didn't mind doing another coat.

There was no instruction on how long to cure the nails. I just went for 60 seconds, the same as my other gel polishes, however with my next application I would probably leave them for 90 seconds as they didn't feel quite right, if you  know what I mean. I was left with a really gorgeous glossy finish.

Unfortunately I forgot to apply primer, which meant the gels started pealing after about a week. And it is too tempting not to peel them so I just removed them. However there were no chips and I really do think they could have lasted another week, if only I had applied primer!
You can buy this shade here for £5.50.

Let me know your thoughts on this shade and other Bluesky products.

Allie x

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