This is an absolutely gorgeous shade from Maxfactor. I haven't tried many nail polishes from Maxfactor however what I have tried I really like. The colour is gorgeous and very opaque, I only used 1 coat for these nails and you can see they are perfectly opaque. However I've got to disagree that they are glossy. I didn't find these to be glossy at all and even had a slightly matte finish. This could be easily rectified if a topcoat was used. It also did not last for 7 days however it did last a good 4 days which is really good going without a topcoat.

Have you tried many nail products from Maxfactor? What do you think of them? You can buy this here (£5.99).

Allie x


  1. Gorgeous shade! I wish red suited me :(

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    1. It really is! Aww I'm sure there is a shade that does xx