I have been struggling with acne for the past two years, recently it has really started to clear up however I have been left with so much scarring. My skin scars so easily, it will scar without me even touching a blemish, and was really starting to annoy me. I had heard about micro needling however I had been too scared to give it a go, it is a strange thing to poke needles into your face. I finally decided to take the plunge and I am so happy that I did.

I went got 1mm needles as I didn't want to create more damage, I would really recommend 1mm as it doesn't hurt and still has an excellent effect. The device is essentially a roller with needles on. The needles do look a little scary however it doesn't hurt at all.

I make sure I clean my face and hands really thouroughly and the I roll the device in surgical spirit, I do this to clean any bacteria on the roller. I then just roll it on my face, it is that simple. I do ten motions on each area of my face going in three directions, up & down, left & right and diagonally. You don't want to press too hard, and I have never drawn bloody, I've seen that some people do draw blood however I don't think you need to press that hard to get good results.

These images are only one week apart, I can see that the scars have begun to blur and I think the rest of my skin, that doesn't have as much scarring, also looks much healthier and smoother.

These images are 3 months apart. I am amazed at how much my acne scarring has gone down. On the left image all of the marks are acne scarring, none of it is actual acne, as you can see on the right my skin is looking much clearer and the scars have almost disappeared completely.

I use this micro derma-roller, here for £12.99, I think any of them would work just as well though. If you are struggling with acne scarring I would definitely recommend you look more into micro needling as it has given me amazing results!

Let me know if you have tried it.

Allie x


  1. This looks terrifying, but the difference in your skin is amazing!

    1. Hahaha it kind of is! But definitely worth it xx