Today I am reviewing Soap and Glory's Arch De Triumph Brow Pencil. I have used this before however I wasn't too fussed so I never really bothered with it. However I recently got this free from Boots so I thought I would give it another go. I am pleasantly surprised, however it still isn't my favourite and I won't reach for it regularly.

This is in the shade Taupe/Buff, which is a pretty good match for my brows, it is very warm toned, I would prefer it to have a cooler base, however overall it is a good match. The highlight shade is really nice, it is matte and almost white. I think it gives a really nice, natural, look to the brow bone and you could use it all over the lid as a base for your eye-shadow. I do like that it is matte, as often highlighters can have a lot of shimmer running through it.

It is quite a thick pencil, you get a lot of product which is great, and it is very easy to apply. The brown shade is quite crumbly and sheer. From the swatch I had to apply it several times to get this shade. And from the image below you can see it hasn't really made too much of a difference to the colour of my brows, this is good in a way as it looks more natural however if you have fair brows you will have to either press hard or apply a lot of product.
The highlighter, on the other hand, is really creamy and soft, it is so easy to apply and blends out really easily. 

Overall it is a really good product, it is really handy that it has both the colour and the highlight, especially for travel. If you want to purchase this product you can find it here for £9.00.

Allie x


  1. I tried this before and I didn't get on with it! I found it so hard to use! I did love the highlighter!
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    1. I know what you mean, the pencil can be quite difficult. The highlighter is really nice though! xx

  2. This looks quite nice! I prefer powders over pencils but since it's quite inexpensive I might give it a go! x
    |Georgia Megan|

    1. I think it's a pretty good pencil for it's price, definitely give it a go! xx