Good morning! Today I am sharing with you a very picture heavy post on how I remove gel nails. They can be pretty tricky to remove and if not done properly your nails can become weak and brittle. I have been using gel polish for ages now and I thought I would share my tips and tricks on how to remove gel nails easily and pain free!

First of all you want to get all the bits and pieces together. There are loads of kits that you can buy with essentially the same products but for at least twice the price. You will need: 10 Tin Foil Rectangles, 10 Cotton Pad Quarters, Acetone and a Rough Nail File.
The rougher your nail file the better it will work.

You want to begin with really buffing down the gel nail. Get rid of all traces of shine and make sure the gel has thinned substantially. You don't want to file too far down as you may get your actual nail and they can be pretty harmful. The more you file down now the easier the polish should remove.

Next you need to soak your cotton pads in the acetone, make sure they are fully saturated. I do this one hand at a time, as it is a hell of a lot easier however it does take twice the amount of time. Pop the acetone soaked cotton pad on the nail, making sure it is fully covering all the gel then wrap in tin foil, keeping them in place.

Leave the tin foil o for at least 10 minutes, however I like to leave it on for about 20 to make sure it really breaks down the gel. I then use a cuticle pusher to remove the polish. If all has been done correctly it should come off really easily.

As you can see my nails aren't looking their best here. Firstly the acetone will dehyrate the nails where there was no gel, like at the cuticle, this is easily rectified with some hand cream/cuticle oil. Some traces of the polish can be left on the nails and when scarping the polish off (especially with the metal cuticle pusher) the nail can be left a little worse for wear. I like to really gently buff the nail, just to remove any left over product and smooth out the nail. I just use a buffer from Avon that is pretty crap, but perfect for this as it is so gentle.

Then to finish off with some TLC, I like to apply Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream and Nails Inc After Gel Hangover Treatment. These products are perfect for re-hydrating the natural nail and helping restore it.

Now, of course, gel manicures and the removal of them are not good for your nails. However this method of removal is so much better for your nails than just peeling off the gel. I would recommend you leave your nails for a couple of days, at least, before you apply gel again, giving the nails a chance to breathe.

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I would love to know any tips you have for removing gel nails.

Allie x

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