Hello guys! Long time, no see, sorry! I started university in September and honestly by blog has been the last thing on my mind. But I have missed it so much and I'm so glad I'm back blogging. Today I thought I would do more of a life-y post and tell you 10 things I have learnt since starting uni.

1. Boys are messy, and smell. I went to an all girls school, sixth form and I only have sisters. I have never really spent that much time living with boys, all I can say is that they are gross. I am now living in a flat with five boys and two other girls, not all of them are messy but it is nothing like living with a house full of girls.

2. Its ok if not everyone likes you. Since starting uni I have met a whole range of peopleand not everyone I am overly keen on. It has taken me a while but I have realised that it's ok if I don't like certain people and it's just as ok if people don't like me.

3. No one really cares if you don't drink. I don't actually drink, for a whole range of reasons, and it was something that made me really anxious before starting uni, in films and on tv all you see about uni is people going out everynight getting pissed. That, honestly, just isn't the case. Firstly no one can afford to go out every night and also you can have just as much fun without drinking, and you have a hell of a lot more money left than everyone else.

4. The value of money. I like to think I have always been pretty aware of the value of money, but fortunately for me it has never been something I have had to worry about. Now I'm at uni I am paying for everything on my own, I have to budget and I have to really think about where my money is going. I feel like when I buy myself a treat I appreciate it so much more.

5. Appreciate your friends more. Now I'm not seeing my friends every day at school I have to make an effort to talk to them and vice versa. Since we are living in so many different parts of the UK I feel like we no longer take each other for granted and that we are proper friends because we want to talk to each other, rather than just talking because we're together, if that makes sense?

6. Let go! Some people are very, very different to you, and have very different values. Sometimes I just have to let go, if I got stressed every time someone left shit (not literally) all over the kitchen I think I would have had several nervous breakdowns by now. That was quite a light hearted example, but this can be applied in several situations, i.e people can be very racist, homophobic, sexist... As much as I argue my side I just need to let go and not let other peoples opinions bother me.

7. You can do it! I was so so nervous about starting uni and leaving home, I'm really family orientated and I'm not very good at stepping outside my comfort zone. But I really shocked myself, I am here and I'm enjoying it and I'm doing quite well. So to anyone who is starting something new, whether that be starting a new job or leaving home, you have 100% got this!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know anything you've learnt since starting something new. I also love how nothing to do with my course has actually been mentioned, I promise I'm learning lots from that too!

Allie x

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